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Reasons why we find the best deal for you

1. You can trust us

We live very Swiss values being down to earth where a handshake is still a handshake and a word means what it is.

Well we don’t want to brag anymore about it. Let’s meet and you will see.

2. We speak Yachting

  • Direct contact with Owners
  • Insiders at Shipyards
  • Wordwide Broker network
  • Worldwide Service network
  • We're on the water too

3. We Analyze

We analyze the market to find the best deal for our clients. Through direct contact with Owners, Shipyards and Brokers we find many opportunities off the market without making much noise. 

Tell us now what you are looking for and we will tell you where to find it. 


4. We are independent

We believe the best advice always comes from independent people with no hidden agenda or conflicts of interest. 

We focus on what is best for our clients and not on which stock boat must go. Although thats sometimes where we find a good deal for you ;o)


5. Save money

Do you really need this expensive extra? Or can we retro fit it at desitnation for less money and custom made?

Where is the bottom line of the shipyard?

How much tax do I have to pay with Malta Leasing?

Can I earn the running cost with charter? 

We know the answer to the questions which will save you money.

6. Best deal, all aspects

Yes, its allot about the price. But the best price is not always the best deal. Let’s look at the whole picture, with running costs calculation, refit estimate and resell value.

A yacht needs to cruise and engines running, sometimes a cheap price on a sitting duck is more expensive than this beautifully maintained offer from a caring owner. 


Once we have identified the best deal it is time to think about the best options of purchasing.

Financing, saving tax with Maltese leasing, Flagging and of course a condition survey. You don’t want to buy the cat in the sack.

The plan is to have more of the happy moments in between the two happiest: Buying and Selling the yacht.

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