See the future

Download the app here by pressing the google play or appstore button. An augmented reality yacht model of “HY41 project”, is about flying boats, efficiency, performance and comfort. Firstly follow the link to download the augmented reality target and then print it. You are now ready to explore the beautiful design, performance and comfort of “HY41 project” the future of yachting in detail. Turn on the app, point your smartphone or tablet to the print of the target and enjoy the view. You can examine the model by simply moving your device around the target. If you don’t want to print anything, that’s fine, there is also a 3D manual overview with all the details as in augmented reality mode. You can rotate, zoom the model in or out on the touchscreen of your smartphone or tablet by using your fingers. In the app you will also find information about the project, its cutting edge technology and many more details. BE PART OF IT: +41 79 702 7000
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